Dromen aan zee

Special overnight

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Nautical miracle

Hungry air scoops, curious sliding windows and a provocative sheer – is this a ship? Doesn’t this nautical gift, fashioned from mahogany, deserve to be addressed by a better name than the collective term for floating bathtubs? The Lilla Marras is a work of art – completely restored and adapted to its new use. With respect for the boat’s inimitable lines, everything has been done to make the lower deck a comfortable place to spend.

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Noel & Lucia

“What a spectacular and overwhelming surprise to enjoy and celebrate our wedding night”

Beryl & Paul

“What a wonderful present. A thank you to all who made it possible.”

Steven & Mary

“Something really different!! Thx, nice boat!! ”

Sumaya & Anees

“We enjoyed our stay here. Life is so relaxed and stress free.”

Lilla marras vaartocht

Water lily

The aft cabin of the ship serves as day-time accommodation. It is here that you can enjoy your breakfast, which is quietly delivered in the pilothouse first thing in the morning. On deck, there are plenty of neat places to sit and enjoy the harbour, the town and the sea. There is a water lily-shaped bed and a wooden two-person bath in the fore-cabin (no, not the other way around).

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Cast off

The Harlingen Lifeboat provides comfortable lodging for everyone who is not physically challenged in terms of walking and bending. If you wish to experience more of the Lifeboat you can order a private captain. He will be eager to show you during a two-hour trip just how agile this classic lifesaver still is. But, that’s up to you: you can also choose to simply ‘cast off’ all your worries by quietly enjoying this unique place.